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Page Builder Overview


The Swift Page Builder has a total of 32 elements to choose from. Each of these elements has various options within them and can be arranged to create any number of layouts you might want. The Page Builder also allows you to save layouts as templates, so you can re-use them quickly and easily.

32 Elements to choose from:

  • Portfolio Element
  • Portfolio Carousel
  • Clients Element
  • Jobs Overview
  • Jobs Element
  • F.A.Q’s Element
  • Revolution Slider
  • Team Element
  • Showcase Element
  • Sitemap
  • Text Block
  • Code Snippet
  • Divider
  • Message Box
  • Single Image
  • Impact text + Button
  • Blog Element
  • Recent Posts
  • Team Carousel
  • Tweet Bar
  • Search Element
  • Boxed Content
  • Blank Spacer
  • Toggle Element
  • Tab Element
  • Testimonials
  • Accordion Element
  • Video Player
  • Google Charts
  • Google Maps
  • Raw HTML
  • Raw js

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